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Originally from the midwest, Tory Floyd grew up between two worlds: putting on "at-home concerts” to her parent's heavy rotation of artists like The Jackson 5 and a deep relationship to the world of sports. Floyd’s athletic ability gave her a path to college, but songwriting and performing always took the lead.


Music’s role in the family didn’t stop at playing records as kids, but both her and her brothers have managed to turn that influence into their own careers. Going back to the early sessions of 2018’s “Bloom”, she’s constantly been in the studio with her number one collaborator and producer; her brother Preston Scott of Press Tone Productions.


Her soulful pop style pulls influence from melody master Ariana Grande & lyrical storyteller Julia Michaels.


Expanding her impact on the industry, Floyd has caught the attention of those in the TV & Film world as well. Already having multiple nationally and internationally aired music placements, her artistry speaks for itself. Notable examples are The CW’s Black Lightning & most recently the critically acclaimed Black-ish spinoff, Grown-ish.







The edgy pop/R&B blend “A(WY)” comes in next with gritty Ariana & SZA vibes. Decoded, this title means “Alone (With You)”. It’s especially fluent in the female perspective; knowing when it’s time to take back control and when it’s time to bounce. Summer '21 rolls in hot with the flirty anthem "Keep You Mine"; for those that want to soak in a new love before unleashing it on to the world.


Be on the look out for her string of releases slated for rollout this year. Introspective, yet rhythmic, they are the perfect summation of what makes the human experience both complex and colorful.